Hazard Warning Signs

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Safety Hazard Signs

Hazard warning signs are a vital tool in keeping your workplace, construction site, or public spaces safe. Safety Signs and Products has a wide range of clear and concise hazard signs that alert staff, visitors, or the general public to be aware and careful.

Non-lethal hazard warning signs

A yellow-background hazard sign is an AS 1319-approved way of alerting people to a hazard or hazardous condition that is unlikely to be life-threatening but could cause serious injury. Hazard warning signs like ‘pinch point’ or ‘electric shock’ must be within a black triangle and incorporate either a black exclamation mark or a depiction of the hazard. This differentiates safety hazard signs from other signs in our catalogue, such as a danger sign that indicates the risk of death. All hazard signs in the Safety Signs and Products range comply with government regulations and are appropriate for the workplace.

Safety hazard signs in the right size, on the right material

Safety Signs and Products is an Australian, family-owned company that builds all signage in accordance with Australian regulations. However, that doesn’t mean that you can buy any sign and be operating legally. Signs should be large enough to view without straining your eyes when communicating safety messages to employees or visitors. You must consider the environment, lighting and viewing distance when choosing the size of the safety hazard signs to be displayed. At Safety Signs and Products, you can get small, 300mm x 225mm metal plate safety hazard signs and large 900mm x 600mm plates. Signs are available in metal, polypropylene plastic, corflute, or as a self-adhesive sticker.

You can always find a hazard sign in the right size and material at Safety Signs and Products, but contact us if you aren’t sure what is best for your business, and we’ll be happy to help!