Plastic Floor Signs

Plastic Floor Signs

Whether there’s an accidental spill, a product leak, or other slippery substances on walking surfaces, plastic floor signs reduce the chances of injury by making others aware of a hazard.

At Safety Signs And Products, we provide specialised hard plastic floor signs that are sturdy, concise, easy to read and created with bright colours to protect the wellbeing of both workers and visitors. Whether you need a danger sign, a warning sign, a caution wet floor sign, or a customised sign with a message for a particular industry, our plastic floor signs will keep those around you safe.

What to consider when purchasing or designing your own plastic floor signs

  • Language, icons and imagery — Hard plastic floor signs that use icons and images increase visibility and easy comprehension of a sign. When designing a warning message for a plastic floor sign, consider your audience and use multilingual text if necessary.
  • Colour and sign type — Choosing a bright coloured plastic with an unmistakable warning symbol ensures people see and understand that there may be a hazard in the area they are walking or working in. Red signs are usually reserved for emergencies, fires and danger. Orange signs are used for machine or electrical messages. Yellow signs mean caution, and blue signs provide safety information.
  • Location — When there is a temporary hazard, placing hard plastic floor signs near entrances and exits will ensure they’re visible from all directions. Do not place them near walls, partial walls, stairways, or door openings — these locations could turn your sign into a potential trip hazard.

Contact Safety Signs And Products for indoor and outdoor plastic floor signs

With over a decade of experience in the safety industry, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, clear and concise caution wet floor signs, plastic wet floor signs and other designs that keep your workplaces safe and people out of harm’s way. If you can’t find what you are looking for within our online store, opt for our ‘Create Your Sign’ service and enjoy fast turnaround and flat-rate shipping on all orders in Australia.

Browse our range online today and if you happen to find a lower price for the same or equivalent product, contact us — we’ll beat it by 5%.